Commercial Freight Services receives TSA approval to provide Canine Air Cargo Screening for exporters, forwarders, and air carriers with cargo departing the US.

Press Release: (Romulus, MI, November 25, 2020) – A leader in Cargo Security Screening, Commercial Freight Services (CFS) is proud to announce the addition of TSA Certified Canine Air Cargo Screening to the services they provide to exporters, freight forwarders and air carriers.

On November 6, 2020, Commercial Freight Services was awarded approval by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to begin operating under the Certified Cargo Security Program-K9 (CCSP-K9).

“This certification allows us to add K9 screening to our already well-established X-Ray and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) technologies for a fully-layered approach to cargo security,” according to CFS President, Lorri Fairchild.  CFS has been a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility since 2008.

High Demand and 100% Cargo Mandate behind Third-Party K9 initiative

Trained canines have a proven track record for efficient and reliable screening of goods, cargo, and passengers. With a sense of smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than a human’s, these working canines are routinely used to keep air transportation systems moving – quickly and safely.

Also, new regulations from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) mandate that, by June 2021, 100% of cargo flying on international all-cargo flights be screened with the same level of scrutiny as cargo flying on passenger planes has received since 2010.

Canine screening is proving to be an important resource for meeting that mandate because of their speed. Combine that with the growth of e-commerce and international supply chains, and it is easy to see why the demand for K9 inspection teams is high.

“Trained canines can reliably and quickly screen pallets of goods without requiring them to be disassembled. That accuracy and speed will reduce costs and keep goods moving while complying with the 100% all-cargo flight screening mandate,” says Fairchild.

To meet this high demand for these highly-trained K9 teams, the TSA approved the third-party K9 initiative to supplement the agency’s own internal K9 program. Private companies must meet stringent TSA requirements to be certified under this new Third-Party K9 program.

CFS is proud to be an early adopter and one amongst a select number of organizations to receive this certification, adding K9 air cargo screening to its combined cargo screening services:

✓ Cargo screening: X-Ray, Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), and physical
✓ Chain of custody cargo escort
✓ TSA third party canine (3PK9) screening

To speak with a CFS cargo screening specialist: Phone: (866) 255-6153, email: – or request a callback consultation.

About Commercial Freight Services

Commercial Freight Services (CFS) provides truckload, warehousing, and air cargo handling and security screening from their US hub in Michigan located near Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). CFS is an active partner of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), with a management team comprised of industry experts. Commercial Freight Services is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), Certified Cargo Screening Facility-K9 (CCSF-K9), and a certified Container Freight Station (CFS).