One thing that we’ve always believed in is doing your part to help others in whatever ways that you can. This often takes many forms, depending on each of our abilities, but every little bit helps. That’s why we pitched in to help buy supplies and medical equipment for one of our colleagues when they went back to Guatemala on a service trip to help the disabled.

Even here in the United States,many struggle to find their way in the world as a disabled individual. This difficulty is further compounded for those that live in poverty around the world. Oftentimes, when the next meal may or may not be something you can count on, stuff like wheelchairs and other medical equipment is simply a fantasy.

One of our vendors’ employees, Scott Gibson, first went to Guatemala three years ago, as part of a service trip to bring critical medical supplies for the disabled and their families. We immediately understood Scott’s sincerity when he communicated the power of humbly being of service to others. We knew when he announced his upcoming return, that we wanted to do what we could to support this trip and the human beings it sought to serve.

We’ve included a couple links below for you to learn more about a couple of the families in Guatemala, as well as an invoice with a breakdown of where our money will be used.

Meet the families

How our money helps