Dogs are more than man’s best friend, they may just be the best friend of shippers, freight forwarders, and air carriers as well.

The 100% all-cargo screening deadline is right around the corner. International (ICAO) standards require that all internationally bound shipments on all-cargo aircraft must be screened – and the deadline is June 30, 2021.

K9 screening is one method that has proven to be both effective and efficient in keeping cargo moving. It may be one of the quickest ways to meet the new all-cargo aircraft mandate and avoid cargo backlogs, carrier delays, and increased transit times.

K9 detection teams are in high demand

But demand is high and growing. Air cargo volume is not just recovering, it’s increasing and so is the industry interest in K9 screening teams. Also, K9 detection teams must be certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In 2018, the TSA supplemented their own K9 training program with the new Third-Party K9 program (CCSP-K9) to help meet demand. The program authorizes private companies to certify K9 detection teams and provide K9 screening services. But it can take 3-4 months to train each new K9 detection team and they are in high demand across all transportation settings from airports to mass-transit, and maritime systems.

Air cargo is an on-time business

Cargo delays are a problem for everyone, from manufacturers and shippers to air carriers, and ultimately to the end customer.

TSA regulated (CCSP) facilities and certified K9 teams can screen cargo and then escort that cargo to the airport with a secure chain of custody. Screening cargo prior to shipment in this way takes the burden off both shippers and air carriers, helping to reduce cargo handling bottlenecks and delays.

Certified K9 detection teams can quickly screen air cargo without disrupting business operations by:

✓ Screening cargo that is too big to pass through existing X-ray machines
✓ Screening pallets without the need to dismantle and reassemble
✓ Screening cargo that can’t be easily recognized by scanning technology
✓ Screening cargo faster and with more flexibility

Commercial Freight Services (CFS) provides certified air cargo screening services in Detroit

Commercial Freight Services (CFS) is authorized to assist shippers, freight forwarders, and air carriers with air cargo screening from their hub in Michigan near Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). CFS is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) and TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility-K9 (CCSF-K9) provider offering air cargo screening using K9 screening (EDC), x-ray screening, and explosive trace detection (ETD) technologies.

The June 30, 2021 deadline is approaching quickly. Are you ready?

To speak with a CFS cargo screening specialist: Phone: (866) 255-6153, email: – or request a callback consultation.

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